How do I thread the upper portion of the machine?

Threading a sewing machine can seem complicated, so to make sure you have a wonderful experience with your 60609, we created the following video to walk you through this critical process...


-When threading the guide there is a thin metal backing plate that you will need to feed the thread through.  This plate is designed to ensure that the thread remains within the guide holes.  Threading can be achieved by feeding the thread between the guide and backing by sliding it through the gap until you feel the thread snap into place.  Once the thread is through the center hole the next step is to bring it back around the right side of the guide and repeat the process to feet it through the next hole in the guide plate.  Please refer to the below diagram and video for additional assistance.

-After repeating the process a few times it will become easier.  There are some customers that prefer to simply feed the thread through the holes on the guide plate.




Step 1:


Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

You can also refer to the following video for more guidance:

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    Rachael B

    You may have a thread guide that appears to be missing the "plate" No worries here as it's just a new design. To thread this type of thread guide, simply put the thread through the center hole then wrap around through a side hole. Below you will find the threading illustration for that:

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