How do I connect my Spiegel 60609 to the Spiegel Sewing App?

Your smart device and the Spiegel Sewing App are designed to enhance your sewing experience and we would like to help you set the connection up. 

To start you will need the following:

-A wireless router that is broadcasting a 2.4ghz frequency

-Download the Spiegel Sewing App which is available for free on Google Play, the iTunes Store or the Amazon App Store.

-Have the password for your home wireless network ready

Establishing a connection between your Spiegel Sewing Machine and your wireless network is easy and the Spiegel Sewing App will take you through the necessary steps to connect everything, however we wanted to provide some tips to ensure that you’re your up and running quickly.

  1. Plug in and power on your Spiegel Sewing Machine
  2. Using your smart device download the Spiegel Sewing App from on Google Play, the iTunes Store or the Amazon App Store.
  3. Launch the Spiegel Sewing App and select “Connect My Machine”
  4. Next select “Connect To Spiegel Network”
  5. On your smart device navigate to the settings menu
  6. Select the Wifi menu option
  7. Select the Spiegel network you would like to connect to (Default “SpiegelSM”). When connecting for the first time use the default password “Style150”
  8. Once your smart device is connected to your Spiegel Sewing Network we are going to connect the Spiegel Sewing Machine to your home network. To do that navigate back to the Spiegel Sewing App and choose your home network from the list of available networks. Depending on your home network setup you may be required to enter your password. This step is going to be similar to when connecting any wifi enabled device for the first time.
  9. Once you have connected your Spiegel Sewing Machine to the network the system will reboot to complete all connections.
  10. During the rebooting process the Spiegel Sewing App will prompt you to reconnect to your Spiegel Network which is an available option in the wifi connection settings on your smart device. Once you have reestablished the connection your Spiegel Sewing App will indicate that the setup is complete. From there go ahead and follow the prompts to create a Spiegel Sewing account.

Of course if you need any assistance please feel free to reach out to customer support.

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