My Spiegel Social Sewing app needs to be reinstalled

At times you may find it necessary to reinstall the Spiegel Social Sewing app.  If you find your self in that situation, it is necessary to back up any photos or videos that you have saved to your device.  We would hate to see you lose any of your favorite pictures. Follow these steps in order to uninstall and then reinstall the Spiegel app.

IOS uninstall and reinstall instructions


1. Locate the Spiegel sewing app on your apple device.

2. Tap and hold the Spiegel sewing app until the app icon begins to shake.

3. Click the "x" located in the upper left hand corner of the app icon.

4. If prompted click "uninstall" or "delete" to remove the Spiegel sewing app.


1. From your main screen go to the App store.

2. In the search field type in "Spiegel social sewing app".

3. A pink app icon should populate the screen.

4. Click on the app icon and follow the prompts to install the app.

5. The app should appear on your home screen, proceed to launching the app.


Android Uninstall and reinstall instructions


1. Go to your settings.

2. Click on the app icon.

3. Locate the Spiegel Sewing app.

4. Click on the app and select the uninstall button.

5. You will be prompted with a pop up box asking if you want to uninstall the app. Select yes.


1. Click on the home button on your Android device.

2. Click on the Play store.

3. Go to the search field and type in Spiegel Social.

4. Click on the Spiegel social sewing app and press install.

5. After installation, the app should appear on your home screen, click on it to launch.


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