What size spool should I use?

The 60609 was designed, typically, for 200-550 yard spools (we use 550 daily in NYC). 1,100 would be the max we recommend for the standard spool pin, but the secondary spool pin, could accommodate up to 2000 yards. 

I would advise 550 - 1100 for most sewing projects, as they can get through any project without running out of thread. Non-quilters will find 100-240 yards are plenty.

Please be advised that this really has more to do with the size of the spool itself, as the pin is only able to accommodate spools that are 4.5" by 1.5," some are longer than others and some are wider than others, all based on different companies.

Thread weight is more about the project than the machine. We can accommodate different weights no problem, as long as it's not thick-embroidery thread. Typically polyester Coats Dual Duty or Dual Duty XP is best advised, available in all sewing boutiques and Walmart. 

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